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I'm An Addict For Dramatics.


I have the mentality of a rockstar. I'm Leanne, I'm 19, and I'm awesome.

I'm guaranteed to Thrill, Chill, and Fulfill.

-- My best friend calls me 'Desperado' or 'Panda Bear'.
-- I am the point man in every situation.
-- My favorite thing to do is go on road trips. They can be trips to nowhere I just enjoy being on the road.
-- My favorite cuss word is "fuck", I say it A LOT.
-- I am addicted to tumblr.
-- I have a notebook full of ridiculous quotes my friends and I have said.
-- I have a 4 year old little brother, we are fifteen years apart, and he means the world to me.
-- I dream of owning a hotel one day with my cousin in New Orleans.
-- I collect action figures, nutcrackers, Jones Soda bottles, bottle caps, and alcohol bottles.
-- I go to Bellarmine University in Louisville Ky.

This journal is my creative outlet. I post a lot of my stories and poems here, but usually they are F locked. I also like sharing my photography and icons here as well. And even though this journal is meant to be creative my ADD forces me to sway every once and awhile and just post about my life and/or play a meme.




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