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I'm An Addict For Dramatics.
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4th-Apr-2030 05:38 pm - Semi-Friends Only.
Fight Club/Marla

All of my personal posts are 'friends only'
My icons, photography, and picspams are here to be seen by the world!
Enjoy em.

[Add me if you want.]
EDIT: I rarely use LJ now if you want to keep in touch with my insanity follow me on tumblr. onemoonatatime.tumblr.com
Fight Club/Marla
Poll #1608719 Please vote...I'm bored

What icons would you like to see?

True Blood ep. 9
Joseph Gordon Levitt

Or something else.

Fight Club/Marla
Under this cut is a picture I took today at the river. It's really big. Tell me what you think.

Click HereCollapse )
5th-Jun-2010 09:59 pm - I wrote this short story today,
Fight Club/Marla
Mae Flowers

  The way she would look at me was something straight out of a romance novel. She barely understood a word I said when I found myself muttering in English but she still smiled and her eyes still lit up. I knew what we were doing was wrong and I knew that every second that passed was a second closer to us getting caught. When I found her I should have done the right thing and informed my commanding officer. Instead I hid her in the abandoned barn that a few other soldiers and I were using for shelter. I didn’t know how long I’d be in the area and I told her that. She didn’t mind. She just wanted to be with me for as long as she could be.

   It's a love story that takes palce in WWIICollapse )

1st-Jun-2010 08:21 pm - Band of Brothers Icons and Banners
Fight Club/Marla

-Please credit if you use
-Comment if you take
-No hotlinking
-If you would like a banner with different words, fonts or a different size just let me know

[75] Icons (I know it said 80 but eh..shit happens)
[09] Friends Only Banners

Zim Zam God Damn We're Airborne Infantry!Collapse )

1st-Jun-2010 01:15 am - Leanne can't think for herself.
Fight Club/Marla
So I have a massive post of icons coming up. I just started on some Band of Brothers icons today and I plan on making some for The Pacific, Justified, random actors, and bands. I'll probably add to this list but I was wodnering if I should post them all together in one massive post OR what?

If I do a massive post then it will take longer....so IDK. Opinions?
Fight Club/Marla

Going to Charleston, South Carolina for the weekend.
I won't be back til Monday...but I've been M.I.A. lately anyway so I don't why I'm making this post.
Fight Club/Marla

This is a project about love. For 365 days I will post a picture of a word. A simple word. Your word. My word. A word that finishes this sentence "Love is..." This project will start tomorrow (February 19, 2010) and go on for a year. This idea was inspired by a photograph I saw and ‘Project 365.’ I want to explore how love means something different to every person so please finish the sentence "Love is..." with one word that describes love to you. Now submit that word here - http://loveis365.tumblr.com/submit
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